Gunitech Corporation

Smart Bluetooth solution

Gunitech owns a group of experts at Bluetooth Mesh technology, apply Bluetooth to the field of Smart LED lighting control, Smart home management, security system, automobile electronic and automatic industry. We are not only provide the services but also the customized services. With integral design and production process which included concept sketching, product development, material researching and product producing. We promise to offer the finest service with our principle of uniqueness, professionalism, stability and creativity by using the Bluetooth advantages to lead the field better.

Refuelable fuel cell power bank

Gunitech provides the integrating solution of the portable fuel cell technology. The portable microgenerator and battery with hydrogen fuel cell by combining natural minerals and water and principle of the electrochemical reaction. The innovative and environmentally friendly technology non-toxic and no carbon dioxide emissions, reduce excessive use of metal batteries. The electricity is produced with fuel cartridge.  The advanced hybrid fuel cell power technology, which can switch the battery charge and fuel cell mode. In case of urgency for electricity is made permanent power supply with fuel cartridge.