Gunitech Corporation

  • Help
    What Gunitech can help me?
    Gunitech focus on the development of Bluetooth Mesh and fuel cell technology, we provide the best service and solution supporting as well. Furthermore, we offer the customized design and as well to create the best smart plan our clients.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
    What is Bluetooth 4.0?
    There are three advantages in Bluetooth 4.0 including long distance receiving, high speed transmission and low energy cost. Additionally, Bluetooth 4.0 version costs 90% less of energy than previous version and saves much time and electricity.
  • Bluetooth Mesh
    What is Bluetooth Mesh?
    Via star or mesh network makes every Bluetooth device became a single node, each node can connect to others nodes in the network. Also, the transmission distance can be expanded by added node. Therefore, Bluetooth 4.0 is more functional for smart home, automation and industrial control etc.
  • Smart lighting
    What is smart lighting ?
    Without Wifi network, only through APP and Bluetooth technology to achieve the automation of lighting set including simultaneously controlling multiple lights, switching by schedules and changing light color and brightness based on personal needs.
  • Smart Home
    What is smart home?
    Bluetooth network technology integrated plug, socket, sensor, lighting and others smart applications into a smart system to bring convenience, safety and energy-saving life for human.
  • Fuel Cell
    What is fuel cell?
    Our fuel cell is a combination of water and natural mineral to conduct chemical reaction, turning fuel cartridge's chemical energy into electrical energy of the cell, generating electric power while insert fuel cartridge.