Gunitech Corporation

Gunitech has exceptional people who are in advanced wireless Bluetooth and Fuel cell technology. We focus on smart BLE program, illuminant design, fuel cell energy development and total solution service to improve green energy saving.

Gunitech uphold the unique, professional, steady, and innovative spirit, device special patented designs and practical solutions to develop wireless Bluetooth applications and portable fuel cell integrated with battery technology, meanwhile providing global users with diversified, professional, and stable options. In this booming era of electronic products, Gunitech become aware of the user intense desires for convenience in portable energy, Gunitech team continued in pursuing in-depth exploration of new products and technology revolution, try to fulfill all types of customers with battery and energy saving applications, insist on contributing a better living for mankind.

Gunitech aims to simplified people's life by Bluetooth Mesh technology. We created our own brand, CHEKKA, is originally from Japanese pronunciation as checker, represent the main idea﹘group cooperation. Passing through device to device, creating a Smart Home environment with Bluetooth mesh network without control by cellphone, tablet or Gateway, using the simple installation to makes smart life has no restriction of distance.

Gunitech has developed the portable fuel cell for personal use based on the concepts of environmental protection.
This particular fuel cell adopted water mixtures with natural mineral to release hydrogen and generating electric power which acted as a portable micro-generator.
By using the basic principles of electrochemical reaction to generate electricity and together with innovative environmentally friendly technologies to achieve non-toxic carbon emissions, and therefore to reduce the excessive use of all kinds of metal battery.
Gunitech has fulfilled ideas that everyone could reach their personal portable power supply for timely emergency electricity usages in very near future.