Gunitech Corporation

Gunitech (Gunitech Corperation) is incorporated by a group enthusiastic and passionate in advanced Bluetooth wireless and fuel cell energy technology who are also committed to the development of the battery pack, portable fuel cells, smart Bluetooth solutions, LED lighting design, simulation of energy-efficiency in lighting with proposed system integration services. Gunitech built a robust teamwork experience and to improve the own technology constantly, deepening the research and development capabilities to make continuously the innovative products to be in line with the customer requirements. Gunitech Corporation is one of the leading technology and products to develop the markets, with authorized capital of NTD20 million and a paid up capital of NTD12 million, and, establishes a reputation of quality service and focus on customer needs always, implementation of creative development, to provide customers with the strongest support. Gunitech provides the best own business environment and concepts to develop everyone's potential. Besides, Gunitech staffs are common partners for the company operations. Gunitech also welcomes the talent people with strong motivation to grow and to share success.
  • Continuous innovation to provide the best products and services, entertainment, communication and information under the human potential needs.
  • Providing the genuine quality, unprecedented and valuable product to feel happy and content for everyone.
    Through a wide range of business activities to develop the harmony society and to contribute for people's life.
  • Always putting ourselves in customer's shoes.
    Innovation and challenge
    Respect for the individual, corporate and individual growth
    Insist on doing the right thing
  • All actions are carried out human-oriented.
    Pursuing excellencewith the highest level of targeting.
    Played diversity through teamwork to achieve the best possible results.
    Raid implementation of all things.
    According to the scene, real, realistic, pragmatic business activity.
    Earth citizen can thoroughly practice high standards of ethics.